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AUD $500

Inverell Strong Man Project


This project aims to fund the employment of a male Aboriginal sports teacher ... Read More

AUD $5

Job Seeker’S Pack

Sir David Martin Foundation

Give a young person the chance to be a productive member of society. Many of ... Read More

AUD $285

Literacy And Numeracy Schooling

Sir David Martin Foundation

For many of the young people we help, their addictions and mental health issu... Read More

AUD $20

Maize Seed For The "Hungry" Season

Every Home Global Concern

$20 will provide sufficient seed for one person so that, when he is trained t... Read More

AUD $1900

Peer Support Training

Multiple Sclerosis Limited

Pays for a person with MS to be trained and supervised as a peer support volu... Read More

AUD $10

Public Transport Ticket

Sir David Martin Foundation

The cost of a bus fare should not prevent a young person from being able to t... Read More

AUD $250

Puppy Graduation Kit

Vision Australia

$250 will pay for a dog’s graduation kit complete with harness, leads, bed et... Read More

AUD $450

Rebuild Family Relationships

Sir David Martin Foundation

Many young people come to our programs as a result of family breakdown. With ... Read More

AUD $50

Research Into Salt And Type 2 Diabetes

Austin Health Fundraising

The prevalence of both type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular disease is increasi... Read More

AUD $165

Senior First Aid Course

Aboriginal Children's Advancement Soc

A Senior First Aid course will be offered to Year 11 and Year 12 students ena... Read More

AUD $100

Sewing Lessons For One Mother For Ten We...


Sewing, quilting and crochet lessons at our Redfern centre allow the mothers ... Read More

AUD $60

Small Business Training For 2 Women

Good Return

Good Return is a new way of giving. We connect Australians to women in the As... Read More