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AUD $2

Injury Free Program To A School Or Presc...

KIDS Foundation

$2 per week provides an IF (injury free) program to a school or preschool. Th... Read More

AUD $10

School Safety Education Program

KIDS Foundation

$10 per week will pay for a school to have a safety education program. The sc... Read More

AUD $2500

Home Sweet Home

Habitat for Humanity Australia

The ultimate gift for someone who has lost everything - a whole new house! Gi... Read More

AUD $30

Have You Been Forced To Use A Loan Shark...

Good Shepherd Microfinance

Many low income earners can’t access loans from the big banks. Some are force... Read More

AUD $40

Could You Study Without A Computer?

Good Shepherd Microfinance

Hollie is a young single mum who was about to start studying an Advanced Dipl... Read More

AUD $75

Have You Ever Slept On The Floor?

Good Shepherd Microfinance

Can you imagine sleeping on the floor everyday of your life? Sometimes people... Read More

AUD $500

What If You Couldn’T Pay The Electricity...

Good Shepherd Microfinance

Many working class families experience financial stress associated with the i... Read More

AUD $20

Imagine Washing Clothes By Hand Every Da...

Good Shepherd Microfinance

For most of us, if our washing machine is on the blink we pay to get it fixed... Read More

AUD $200

Help Australians Facing Financial Crisis

Good Shepherd Microfinance

A loss of income, expensive car repairs or a broken down fridge can turn into... Read More

AUD $10

Can You Afford To Fix The Car?

Good Shepherd Microfinance

Many people depend on a car to help them earn an income. But what happens if ... Read More

AUD $95

Changing Attitudes, Ending Violence

UN Women National Committee Australia

$95 could help train 15 people as women’s rights activists, helping to change... Read More

AUD $186

Crisis Accommodation And Shelter

UN Women National Committee Australia

$186 could help provide two months’ accommodation and skills training for you... Read More