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AUD $150

Contribution Fee


The 5% contribution fee is paid for by the parents / carers of each child who... Read More

AUD $35

An Expression Pack To Anchor Coping Mech...


Every child who goes through the KidsXpress program is given a take-home expr... Read More

AUD $300

One Expressive Therapy Session


To begin the transformation of a child's life. Read More

AUD $20

A Journal To Express Fears And Anxieties


Writing in a journal allows children to express themselves and their feelings. Read More

AUD $15

A Drum To Get Rid Of Anger


Music therapy offers children the ability to express difficult emotions. A ha... Read More

AUD $100

Extended Families - Train A Volunteer

Extended Families Australia Inc.

Extended Families support children with disabilities and their families. Your... Read More

AUD $50

Extended Families - Live Your Community ...

Extended Families Australia Inc.

The Live Your Community Program provides practical assistance and mentoring t... Read More

AUD $20

Extended Families - Support Group And Pl...

Extended Families Australia Inc.

Extended Families run a range of support groups for families who have a child... Read More

AUD $250

Shelters & Stables For Vulnerable Animal...

Little Oak Sanctuary

Tyrion Lambister and his friends need your help to create shelters-for-snuggl... Read More

AUD $10

Watermelons For The Chickens

Edgar's Mission Inc

Chickens love watermelon! Once the watermelons hit the ground, watch the chic... Read More

AUD $500

Medical Fighting Fund

Edgar's Mission Inc

The animals we rescue are often in need of lifesaving medical care. Rescued b... Read More

AUD $200

Wonder Weekend... Wow


Imagine the gift of a weekend doing what the other kids get to do, your donat... Read More