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AUD $45

A Week's Worth Of Food For Women Staying...

International Women's Development Agency

Ethnic Palaung women from Burma are highly vulnerable to human trafficking an... Read More

AUD $61

A Day's Salary For A Female Counsellor T...

International Women's Development Agency

Violence against women is pervasive in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, exp... Read More

AUD $500

Solo Sponsor

Creativity Australia

$500 sponsors someone experiencing mental illness, disability or disadvantage... Read More

AUD $5000

Supper Maestro

Creativity Australia

$5,000 sponsors supper, the time after rehearsal when new friendships and net... Read More

AUD $2000

Barbershop Quartet

Creativity Australia

$2,000 sponsors four people in need to attend a With One Voice choir for one ... Read More

AUD $16

Healthy Breaky For 2 Children On Camp

Diabetes Victoria

These life-changing camps promote independence through adventure, empowering ... Read More

AUD $250

Mezzo Sponsor

Creativity Australia

$250 sponsors a person experiencing mental illness, disability or disadvantag... Read More

AUD $5

Shower Singer

Creativity Australia

Share the joy of song and help build healthier, happier communities. You... Read More

AUD $20

Style Icon

Creativity Australia

$20 helps a person in need step out on stage in style in a With One Voice t-s... Read More

AUD $1000

Double Act

Creativity Australia

Share the joy of song with someone in need! $1,000 allows you and a person ex... Read More

AUD $100

Conductor's Pet

Creativity Australia

$100 helps support our wonderful professional conductors who are not only mus... Read More

AUD $50

Choir Secretary

Creativity Australia

$50 provide song sheets and resources for wonderful rehearsals and performanc... Read More