Give without receiving with charitable donations

Whether you want to help prevent global warming, find a cure for cancer, or stop bullying in your local community in Sydney, start with Karma Currency. As advocates of 'what goes around comes around', we kick-start the chain with innovative charity gifts, fundraising for charity or workplace giving. Good for the soul, Karma Currency strives to make donating simpler, easier and more enjoyable by providing non-profit fundraising, charity gift vouchers and workplace giving in Sydney.

Make a difference in your community with charity gift vouchers

One of the most unique and thoughtful gifts that you can give to someone is a charity gift voucher from Karma Currency. Your money will be well-spent and given to your friend or family member, and won't be thrown out or left aside. Simply browse through our large list of charities to find a cause closer to home in Sydney or any other city, and present your recipient with a charity gift voucher. Get started »

Payroll giving through Workplace Charity Programs

Our workplace giving programs for Sydney businesses lets your employees support over 150 charities, all in the name of philanthropy. Via payroll deductions, your business can make regular donations to a chosen charity – best of all, tax deduction is immediate and guaranteed, as all charity donations are made pre-tax. More »

Fundraise for charity by supporting a local Sydney cause or overseas program

One of the best ways to get your local community involved is with a non-profit fundraising event in Sydney. If you are passionate about a local cause, why not truly get involved and begin or support a fundraising project. Your donation will help to make a positive difference and build a stronger sense of unity in your area. Comign soon>>