We're changing the world, one step at a time - and we hope you can too. Karma Currency is the place to start when you want to take part in sending charity gifts and charity gift vouchers to family and friends. We are inviting you to perform a charitable act to help out your local community in Perth, or to help out a good cause from overseas. We offer a range of innovative ways to help make a charitable donation:

Charity gifts that won't get thrown away

Instead of giving socks, photo frames, candles and other useless gifts, Karma Currency allows Perth companies and individual locals to give the gift of charity with innovative Charity Gift Vouchers. With the largest gift registry in the Southern Hemisphere, we are confident that you will find a cause that you really care about. Get started »

Workplace Giving through payroll deductions

The simple, tax efficient and cost-effective way to donate, workplace giving programs are popular in Perth because of the profound benefits. Simply by setting up an online Workplace Giving program, employees can support their favourite charities on a pre-tax basis via regular payroll deduction. The Karma Currency Foundation is now proudly running all Workplace Giving programs through Goodcompany.   More »

Charity Fundraising for your local community in Perth - Coming soon

If you're passionate about a cause, you can help make a difference. No matter what your goals, you can set up free Fundraising Project Pages with us, and invite your friends, family and colleagues to make tax deductible donations. Non-profit fundraising is a great way to give back to your community in Perth.