If you want to make a difference in the world and see positive changes, it starts with you. Believe that what goes around comes around – so when you make a charitable donation to a good Melbourne cause, or provide funds for a relief overseas through Karma Currency, your good deed will be returned to you. Here are a few ways to help out:

Charity gift vouchers that give without receiving

Feed a young person, distribute sleeping bags to the homeless around Melbourne or help the best researchers in the world work towards a cancer cure – these are just some of the causes you can help when you give a charity gift voucher to family members, friends or colleagues. Our unique presents can't be thrown away, or won't sit on shelves gathering dust – instead, your money will enrich someone's life, while generating good karma for yourself and your recipient! Get started »

Payroll giving programs for Melbourne philanthropists

Your business can now help to make a difference by committing to regular donations to a chosen charity in Melbourne or anywhere in the world. Through your payroll system, a portion of your wages can be donated pre-tax, meaning your deductions are immediate and guaranteed. With the support of your employer, you can ensure staff morale remains high while making a positive difference! More »

Non-profit fundraising in Melbourne

A fundraiser is one of the best ways to get your local community involved in standing behind a good cause – whether you're running a marathon, climbing a mountain or shaving your hair to help out a Melbourne project, can set up your own free non-profit fundraising program with Karma Currency. Let your donors know that any gift over $2 is tax deductible and spread goodwill! Coming soon!