Give a gift that is truly from the heart with a charity gift voucher, or by taking part in fundraising for a worthy non-profit organisation. Donating to a charity can be done in many different ways, so when you want to get your work team, family or friends together to make a positive difference in Hobart, head online to Karma Currency.

Workplace giving programs for Hobart philanthropists

Workplace giving has become even more popular lately due to its many benefits. Businesses can make a difference by giving back to their local community in Hobart or anywhere else in the world, while also paying less tax. In conjunction with your employer, through your payroll system, you can make regular donations to charities. All donations are made pre-tax, which means that the tax deduction is immediate and guaranteed. It's the best way to make a real difference! More »

Charity gifts via vouchers

If you're looking to give a unique present to someone, and you don't want it to be sitting on their shelves gathering dust, or even worse, thrown in the bin, a charity gift voucher is the best way to go. This is the best type of present to give to your friend, family member or colleague that claims to have everything – not only are you helping out a good cause, you are generating good karma for them and for yourself! Get started »

Fundraising for a Hobart charity

If payroll giving isn't your thing, how about fundraising for your favorite charity in Hobart, or donating to a cause anywhere else in the world? A fundraiser is one of the best ways to let off a bit of competitive steam – whether you're running a marathon, climbing a mountain or shaving your hair for a good cause, you can set up your own free non-profit fundraising program with Karma Currency. Let your donors know that any contribution over $2 is tax deductible too! Coming soon>>