What goes around comes around, and nobody believes this better than the team at Karma Currency. This is why we are proud to offer innovative and inspirational gifts that won't get thrown in the trash or left aside – introducing charity donations. Brisbane residents and businesses, who are passionate about a cause – be it curing world hunger, or supporting a local community, will appreciate this type of gift that will help to make a difference in the world, starting in Brisbane.

Workplace Giving Programs for Brisbane businesses

Simply by setting up an online Workplace Giving Program, employees can support their favourite charities on a pre-tax basis via payroll deductions, with all donations over $2 being tax deductible. Workplace giving programs are popular in Brisbane because of the spiritual and monetary benefits. You can help out a local community or an overseas cause – it's all good for the soul. More »

Charity Gift vouchers

Don't give useless gifts that will inevitably be thrown out – instead, Karma Currency invites companies and individuals to give the gift of charity with innovative Charity Gift Vouchers. Find a cause that you know your recipient really cares about, and donate to it. Giving has never felt so good! Get started »

Charity Fundraising – the fun way to support an important cause

If you're passionate about a charity or a cause, you can help make a difference by fundraising for charity and getting the people you know involved. Non-profit fundraising in Brisbane is a great way to give back to your community, while encouraging your friends, family and colleagues to generate good karma. Best of all, you know that you will individually be making a difference with each donation. comign soon>>