Want to give back to your local community but don't know how, or where to begin? Karma Currency is your answer – we provide Adelaide locals with the opportunity to help make a positive difference in their world, whether locally or branching out worldwide. Through payroll giving, fundraising for charity and giving charity gift vouchers, you can help make a better tomorrow today.

Workplace giving Programs via payroll

Another way to help out a good cause, and reduce the taxes you have to pay, can be achieved through Workplace Giving. By agreeing to donate money on a regular basis to a chosen organisation via regular payroll deductions, you can feel happy in knowing that your money is being better utilised towards something good. Best of all, your donations will be made pre-tax, meaning that the tax deduction is immediate and guaranteed. More »

Charity gift vouchers are the best gifts to give

If your friend, family member or fellow employee's birthday is coming up, there's one gift you can give them that won't get thrown away, or put aside while gathering dust: more and more Adelaide locals are giving charity gift vouchers in true altruistic style, to help out a good cause. With a huge range of charities to choose from, give the gift that keeps on giving with a charity gift voucher. Get started »

Non-profit fundraising in Adelaide

Is there a local cause you want to donate to, or perhaps you have a few great ideas yourself and want to start fundraising for a charity? It's all possible with Karma Currency – get your local community involved and start making a difference in Adelaide. Each donation that you give will be one step closer to making a difference to someone less fortunate. Coming soon>>