The way it works is simple...

1. You choose the amount your wish to donate (all donations over $2 are fully tax deductible).
Write a personalised message and pick the delivery method (email, print or post).

2. Your lucky gift recipient gets to chooses which charities and projects will benefit from the funds.
By entering their Karma/ Redemption Code (found on the card) on the website they get to choose from 100s of charities and 1000s of ethical projects (mosquito nets, animal rescues, hot meals for the homeless and more).

3. Charities receive the funds and put the donation to work to make the world a better place
We allocate funds quarterly and pass on the full face value of the donation.

How do I send the cards?

Post Email Print Custom

What do the cards look like?

Karma Currency Printed Post Charity Gift Cards


How do I send one right now?

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100% meaningful - 100% empowering - 100% eco-friendly - 100% tax deductible - 100% good karma