Karma Currency Team 

Karma Currency is supported by a caring, intelligent, passionate team of dedicated professionals who seek to improve the world we live in.

Karma Currency's board sets policy and strategic goals that guide Karma Currency's operations.

Ash Rosshandler - Founder 

Working in advertising and selling 2-minute-noodles left Ashley feeling a little low on good karma. But one day, when invited to an engagement party, Ash and his wife wondered if it would be nice to give the happy couple a 'goat' in Africa. But what if they weren't into goats? Maybe they were into saving forests, or rescuing animals, or finding cures or education or the arts or any number of worthwhile causes? That's when the idea dawned on them for Charity Gift Vouchers. Gift vouchers led to gift registries led to workplace giving led to volunteering and now Ash heads up both the Karma Currency Foundation and Goodcompany (see www.goodcompany.com.au). But by far Ash's greatest achievement are his three kids, his gorgeous wife and the time he put together an Ikea benchtop.    

David Windsor

David was introduced to Karma Currency in 2011 with a view to providing some legal assistance.  As a freelance lawyer & commercial counsel with over 20 years experience, Karma presented similar issues to most of David’s corporate clients – with an obviously more benevolent bent. David’s extensive legal and commercial experience enables him to mentor clients in various aspects of their business and corporate strategy.  Apart from law, he’s helped clients with their finances, operations, marketing, branding & technology. David’s mission is to share his know-how, operate with integrity and foster the growth of his clients, his network and himself.  Karma Currency presents David with exactly this opportunity. Balancing clients, career and life is David’s key to success and his passions include his family, skiing, travelling, photography, golf & gardening.

Frank Chila

Frank is Senior Legal Counsel to Accenture, one of the world’s leading technology services companies.  An accomplished commercial lawyer and trusted adviser with over 13 years’ experience, Frank’s capability has been established and demonstrated through a mix of in-house and private practice roles, supporting clients across a range of industries.  Previous roles have included in-house counsel to the CSIRO and senior associate of a national law firm.  When he’s not solving for his clients, he can be found at the local hardware store gathering materials for his next DIY project. 


Sal Lewis 

Sally is a Chartered Accountant, with over 20 years experience in Director/CFO, General Management and Audit roles across the Financial Service and Retail sectors. Recently Sally moved out of the Corporate sector to set up her own business, supporting clients with strategy development and systems design and implementation. Sally has a keen interest in philanthropy and creating successful workplace cultures, and recognized that Good Company/Karma Currency provides a fantastic platform for businesses to achieve this.  Sal can be found in the garden most weekends, or on the sidelines of one of her girls netball games.


Miguel Oyarbide


Miguel is Corporate Responsibility Manager at Australia Post, focused on the development and delivery of the Corporate Responsibility strategy, stakeholder engagement and impact evaluation. Previously, Miguel worked at the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility as Senior Consultant; as ESG analyst for Maplecroft in the UK; and as consultant for Responsables Consulting (Red2Red) in Madrid. Miguel is passionate about sustainability and community development - his main interests are complex data visualisation, social innovation and the role of Australian organisations in the Asian Century


Special Thanks

We would like to recognise all our previous executives, board and committee members, and valued volunteers. Denis O'hara (board member 2009-2015) Dr Leeora Black (board member 2010-2014), Phil Aarons (Board member 2007-2010), Matt Kuperholtz (Board member 2009-2010), Chris Chapman (Board member 2010-2012) and Agostino Giramondo (board member 2014-2015),