About Conference Karma

We all know that deciding on gifts to buy your events/conference speakers or delegates is a tricky one, many of them have flown either interstate or from overseas, so it has to be small, eco-friendly, easy to distribute and needs to reflect values they relate to.

Karma Currency is the perfect solution

Karma Currency tax deductible charity gift vouchers engages your delegates/speakers with the causes and principles that they are most passionate about whilst raising your Corporate Social Responsibility profile. Karma Currency partners with over 100 of Australia’s most loved and respected charities, so there is sure to be something for everyone.


How does it work?

1. You simply gift/award the charitable gift vouchers to your chosen recipients
2. Your recipients receive a hard copy (or online) personalised voucher thanking them for their participation
3. They log onto the site and choose a gift that they are most passionate about. Delegates can choose to offset their carbon footprint, find a cure, save a child, rescue an animal or choose from hundreds of other worthwhile causes.
4. Your business gets the tax deduction and the charities get much needed funds
5. Your delegates and speakers feel engaged, empowered and full of good karma


The Benefits

It can all be ordered online, no more trudging to the shops searching for presents. No more wrapping, stamping, addressing, posting or delivering.

Vouchers can be personalized and include a tailored message 100% tax deductibility so it saves your business money.
Confirms your standing as an organization who cares about the environment and social responsibility.
Will leave your speakers/delegates feeling great! How easy is it to order vouchers?

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