Matt Parish talks about how Tandem Partners uses Karma Currency gifts in his business to celebrate candidates landing their perfect role.


Switching – Eg. Switch to our product or service and we’ll give you $20 of Karma Currency to offset carbon, protect rainforests, find cures and more!

Repeat purchase – Eg. Buy 10 coffees and we’ll give you $5 of Karma Currency to shelter the homeless, educate kids, dig wells and more!

Trial – Eg. Test drive today and we’ll give you a $10 of Karma Currency to save the planet tomorrow!

Survey – Eg.  Finish this survey and we’ll give you $20 of Karma Currency Charity to start saving the world!

Payment terms – Eg. Pay before this date and we’ll give you $5 of Karma Currency  to offset carbon, protect rainforests, educate kids, find cures, clear landmines and more.

Incentives – Eg. Spend over $1000 and we’ll give you $20 of Karma Currency to pass onto your favourite charity.

Referral – Eg. Refer a new client and we’ll give you $10 of Karma Currency to bring new hope to the world.  

Apology – Eg. Sorry for the inconvenience we have caused. Please accept this $20 Karma Currency Charity Gift Voucher that empowers you to pass on the donation to your charity of choice.

Retention – Eg. Roll over your Insurance and we’ll roll over $20 of Karma Currency Charity help save the world!

Can you think of others? Please feel free to send us your thoughts and suggestions...

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