About Karma Currency

Established in 2007, The Karma Currency Foundation (ABN 54120979809) is an innovative, independent, charitable not-for-profit that now supports over 1000 of Australia's most respected charities. We have deductible gift recipient status and income tax exempt status and we feel blessed every single day that we get to connect those that can give, with those in need.

The Vision

Our vision is to change the world! Well… maybe not the whole world. But certainly some of it. Through connecting people with the charities and causes that are closest to their hearts (whether it be starving children in Africa or a soup kitchen down the street) we hope to make charitable acts part of our everyday lives.


The Inspiration

When we found out that every year over $1 billion is wasted on unwanted gifts that end up in landfill, we decided to buid a website where people could find gifts that could educate a child, protect a rainforest, find a cure and change the world!


We Believe

We believe that "what goes around comes around". If we do the right thing by you - you will do the right thing by us. If we support other charities - they will support us. If we love our Corporate Sponsors - they will love us. It's really that simple.

What now?

Well, if you have time for a little TV click below. This interview is really dated and sadly our CEO is still bald.