Help us continue to keep women and children safe. - AUD $20

safe steps Family Violence Response Centre

Help us continue to keep women and children safe.

Australian women are almost four times more likely than men to be hospitalised after being assaulted by their spouse or partner.  From the time that the safe steps specialist support workers take the call, they are working hard to ensure that the women and children who contact them, are given the best chance to live a life free from family violence.

As Victoria’s only 24/7 first response centre for women and children escaping family violence, our team work around the clock to ensure that the families in our care receive all the support they require.  You can be a part of helping these families help by donating towards the continued training and wellbeing programs designed to ensure that our staff can continue to assist those who need our help.

By donating today, you can help safe steps continue to remain at the frontline, helping women and children escape family violence and create a life of peace and joy, just like Geraldine and her daughter.