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Youth Focus

Youth Focus is an independent WA-based not-for-profit working to stop youth suicide. We support young Western Australians and their families by offering a range of free and unlimited expert mental health services to help them overcome the issues associated with suicide, depression, anxiety and self-harm. Youth Focus counsellors help young people build resilience and empower them with the tools they need to navigate mental health issues now and in the future.

Assisting 12 to 25 year olds, we operate out of offices in Burswood, Rockingham, Joondalup, Geraldton, Albany and Bunbury. With counsellors on site at more than 40 high schools across the state, young people can access free, unlimited, intensive, one-on-one counselling at their closest office, their school or, when circumstances dictate, at a venue convenient to them. We also provide family counselling services in order to support families to help their young person who is dealing with mental ill-health.

In addition to counselling, Youth Focus offers a range of mental health support services including mentoring and peer support and plays a leading role in improving the mental health literacy of the community through our school, workplace and community mental health awareness training.


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AUD $20

Help Provide Much Needed Counselling

Your gift of $20 could contribute to providing free, professional counselling sessions for young people at risk of suicide, or struggling with depr... Read More

AUD $50

Covid-19 Mental Health Support Fund

Youth Focus is committed to responding creatively to the emerging needs of our young people, their families and the wider community amid the growin... Read More

AUD $60

Help Provide Much Needed Family Counsell...

Your gift of $60 could go toward a counselling session for the family of a young West Australian at risk of suicide, or struggling with depression,... Read More

AUD $75

Help Provide A Mentor

Your gift of $75 could help provide a mentor for a year for a young West Australian struggling with suicide, depression or self-harm. Youth Focus&#... Read More

AUD $200

Two Youth Counselling Sessions

Your gift of $200 could provide two much needed counselling sessions for young West Australians at risk of suicide, or struggling with depression, ... Read More

AUD $1000

One Year Of Mentoring

Your gift of $1000 could provide a year of ongoing mentoring to a young person at risk of suicide, or struggling with depression, anxiety or self-h... Read More