Education Workshops for HIV & Sexual Health Educators - AUD $5


Education Workshops for HIV & Sexual Health Educators

‘Agents of YEAH’ -

Help train & resource young HIV & sexual health educators


Australia’s 2014 STI Health stats reveal an increase to 30% of all new HIV infections occur amongst young people aged 15-29. It has long been acknowledged education is key to prevention strategy for HIV and young people are most influenced by their peers.


YEAH’s signature program, 'Agents of YEAH', addresses this dangerous trend by training and supporting young people to deliver HIV and sexual health workshops at youth events, schools & universities in their local communities, 


Our youth educators provide accurate and relevant sexual health information in a fun and vibrant way, responding to questions, offering local referral and sexual health testing information, and educating on how to safely use barrier methods.


Help us run more HIV & sexual health education workshops for young people throughout Australia.