Emergency Responder - AUD $25

World Vision Australia

Emergency Responder

Every year, millions of people lose their homes and loved ones to natural disasters and conflict. More than 90 percent of natural disaster-related deaths happen in developing countries, where poverty and lack of resources exacerbate suffering and make relief efforts much harder.

While we can't prevent disasters from happening, what we can do is have a “piggy bank” of saved funds ready to enable a fast response. In an emergency, time is critical. By supporting World Vision’s Emergency Responder Appeal, you can invest in the future by helping us to prepare for disasters before they happen and act quickly when they do. Every $1 invested in preparing for disasters saves up to $7 in response and recovery costs (Source: UN).

The Emergency Responder Fund means we have immediate funding available for emergency responses until other funds, from governments and/or public appeals, become available.