Child Rescue - AUD $15

World Vision Australia

Child Rescue

Child Rescue helps protect some of the world’s most vulnerable children: children living in horrific circumstances, often suffering serious physical and psychological damage. Your support can help provide:

• Counselling and rehabilitation for children affected by sexual or labour exploitation

• Outreach, support and access to essential services for street children

• Education for orphans and vulnerable children and training for youth

• Community education and training to help better protect children from abuse and exploitation

• Support for children with disabilities to gain access to education, care and protection

• Essential aid for orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV and AIDS, emergencies and conflict

***To finalise the allocation of your donation, please call 13 32 40 to obtain a Supporter ID number, then enter your Supporter ID number into your Account by clicking Edit Account then Support ids (located on the bottom the page)***