Stop elephant rides - AUD $50

World Animal Protection

Stop elephant rides

With this gift, you could help educate tourists that it's never okay to ride an elephant.

Around the world, thousands of elephants are cruelly abused by the entertainment industry.

Many tourists are still unaware of the cruelty that goes on behind the scenes at wild animal attractions, and they unknowingly contribute to animal suffering when they participate in activities such as elephant rides.


Elephants are isolated, chained and abused until their spirits are broken in a barbaric training method called the "crush" before they can be ridden. And the cruelty doesn’t stop there. Elephants are controlled with fear and pain so that they'll perform and take people on their backs.


Help stop the cruel practice of riding these gentle giants for good.

All donations, gifts and other funds received go towards all of World Animal Protection’s work to prevent animal cruelty, and are used where needed most.