Whitelion works with young people aged 12-25 years who have been identified as highly vulnerable to social exclusion and involvement in anti-social and/or offending behaviour. Whitelion’s target group is young people who have had contact with, or are at risk of contact with, the Juvenile Justice or Out-of-Home Care Systems. Our work is conducted in juvenile justice facilities, schools, and the community. Many of the young people involved in Whitelion’s programs come from families that have experienced multiple generations of unemployment, substance use and criminal behaviour. These young people have had no positive role models and are likely to become involved in offending behaviour if they are not provided with positive alternatives.


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AUD $25

Feed A Young Person

Homeless and at-risk young people are in a high risk category of low food security and do not have enough food to eat each week. Food insecurity is... Read More

AUD $40

Public Transport For A Young Person

Help remove a barrier to employment for a disadvantaged young person. Many of the young people Whitelion work with are commencing their first job. ... Read More

AUD $50

Identification And Birth Certificates

Many of our homeless young people have no identification and therefore cannot apply for housing, getting benefits or access services.   P... Read More

AUD $110

White Card For A Whitelion

Induction for Construction Work (White Card) - Under the Australian Work Health and Safety legislation, workers on construction sites in Australia ... Read More