Dignity kit for women and girls - AUD $38

UN Women National Committee Australia

Dignity kit for women and girls

$38 can provide one dignity kit for women and girls, with basic necessities including soap and sanitary napkins to maintain health.

While the earthquakes that shook Nepal are no longer in our headlines, relief and recovery efforts continue around the clock.

Men and women are still faced with daily trauma, fear and anxiety.

They lack access to clean water, healthcare and food, and are living in overcrowded shelters. These factors combined have resulted in an increase in gender-based violence.

This includes rape. Beatings. And trafficking.

UN Women is on the ground to protect women like Shirisha Tamang, a 21 year-old single mother living in Godawari. Her home collapsed into rubble during the earthquake and she is now living under a sheet of tin with her family. 

“At night time we have to wander alone to go to the bathroom and are constantly in fear, therefore the solar lamp is a big help making us feel safer. The items in the dignity kit such as soap, towel, washing powder have been useful to me as I have no money...” 

Dignity kits provide women and girls with the bare necessities like sanitary napkins to maintain basic health and dignity in this time of crisis.

Supplies are one vital part of the recovery. The leadership of women and girls in the assessment, planning and implementation of the relief and reconstruction work is crucial to ensuring the needs and vulnerabilities of women and girls are identified and addressed. Getting back to work is one key to breaking the cycle of poverty.

That’s why UN Women has established seven Multi-Purpose Women’s Centres, with the support of local women. Seven more Women’s Centres are planned. The centres serve as a hub for early recovery and livelihood activities. They are providing cash-to-work programs for women to become immediately involved and employed to support recovery efforts. 

The Women’s Centres also provide psycho-social counselling, information and referrals, including referrals to services to support women and girls who have experienced violence.