Make conservation pay - AUD $50

Trust for Nature (Victoria)

Make conservation pay

Protecting habitats is not just about protecting one species, it’s about protecting lots of species, all mixed in together. Trust for Nature uses and develops innovative techniques to help protect the bush forever. And it doesn’t just help one critter, it helps save them all. Even the little ones. Like this impressive looking Velvet Ant, which is intriguingly actually a wasp…

Making conservation pay is about being smart with our resources and playing to our strengths. By making a general donation to Trust for Nature, you can help contribute to our Revolving Fund. Something we pioneered and others have copied, because it works. We purchase properties with high conservation values and re-sell them with conservation covenants attached. The land is permanently protected, with conservation at the forefront of any future activities. The proceeds of the sale then go towards the purchase of further significant habitat and you can ensure more of Victoria is protected forever.