Look after Victoria's backyard - AUD $20

Trust for Nature (Victoria)

Look after Victoria's backyard

All homeowners know that the costs of owning a home don’t end with the purchase price. You have to take care of it, and that costs money.

The same goes for conservation. Even once our precious nature has been protected, it has to be cared for.

Luckily that’s exactly what we do at Trust for Nature – care for 88,000 hectares of conservation land in Victoria that’s been protected forever. That's enough to cover about 900,000 quarter acre blocks.

And just as looking after your house and garden costs money, so does conservation. That’s why Trust for Nature needs your support. 

Just $20 will help Trust for Nature care for a hectare of land for a year, protecting it from pests and weeds, monitoring the wildlife and doing what it takes to make sure it thrives. That’s the equivalent of 10 regular house blocks.