Support the LGBTI community - AUD $25

Thorne Harbour Health (formerly VAC)

Support the LGBTI community

Help Create Lasting Change

At VAC, our vision is a future without HIV. A world where all sexually and gender diverse people live with dignity and equal rights and participate fully in our society.

By supporting us, you are helping to reduce HIV transmissions, and improving lives through better health outcomes and breaking down the stigma and discrimination the LGBTI community face every day. Our role is to help your wish become a reality, and we do that by providing:

  • Safe and accessible services to people living with HIV and the broader LGBTI community

  • Peer education and health promotion programs

  • Counselling services and therapeutic groups

  • Specialised medical services

  • Individual and organisational capacity building and training programs

VAC relies on the generosity of its supporters to continue a number of vital programs and activities, so every dollar you donate helps make a substantial difference. You can be a part of that change, today.