The Smith Family

The Smith Family

The Smith Family is the largest children’s education charity helping young Australians from disadvantaged backgrounds to succeed at school, so they can create better futures for themselves.

By providing much-needed educational support, together we can help these children break free from the cycle of poverty and realise their potential.


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AUD $3

Improving Children's Literacy

For $3 per week, you can help provide families with a reading resource pack, so parents can help their children develop literacy skills and enjoy r... Read More

AUD $6

Help Power Our Itrack Program

For $6 per week, you can help power our iTrack program, providing mentors to give guidance about study and career options, in a secure online chat ... Read More

AUD $10

Supporting Our Numeracy Program

=#616161For $10 per week, you can provide children with a Let’s Count pack, filled with numeracy games and a tip sheet for parents to help dev... Read More

AUD $20

Broaden A Student's Horizon

For $20 a week, you can broaden a student’s horizons by helping them to participate in our Work Inspiration program, providing them with a positive... Read More

AUD $26

Child Sponsorship: Provides Ongoing Supp...

Sponsoring an Australian child’s education on the Learning for Life program costs just $26.00 per fortnight. Your sponsorship will go directly towa... Read More

AUD $37

Secondary School Child Sponsorship (Fort...

Sponsor a secondary school aged child and enable us to help them with making the most of their education and prepare them for their next steps into... Read More