Preventing and improving heart plumbing - AUD $100

The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Preventing and improving heart plumbing

“I didn’t have any other signs, no pain in the chest, all I had was a pain in my arm, but it turned out to be an enormous heart attack.  All I could think was, I’m too fit for this to happen to me.”


David Cunningham – a fit, healthy 52 year old is one of 53,000 Australians who experienced a heart attack this year. And he’s extremely lucky to be alive today. 


Researchers at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute are working to prevent more people like David from losing their life to heart disease.


Your gift of $50 could help develop a simple blood test that could better predict those at risk of heart attack, years before it happens. Researchers have identified plasma lipid biomarkers that improve upon traditional risk factors in predicting heart disease and stroke.


This test also has the potential to better predict other chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.


In 2-3 years your doctor could be able to order this new test, like they currently order a cholesterol test; and potentially save the life of you or your loved ones.  Please give generously today.