Help us fight fatal heart disease - AUD $100

The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Help us fight fatal heart disease

In Australia, one person will die every 12 minutes from cardiovascular disease.  It's a staggering number, but these are not just statistics, these are real people like you, me and our loved ones.


Heart disease does not discriminate.  It affects men and women, from all walks of life, sometimes even those who appear fit and healthy. 

We need to change this, and we need your help today!


Dedicated researchers at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute are working tirelessly to find better ways to predict, prevent and treat heart disease from all angles.


In one groundbreaking discovery, scientists at the Baker Institute have created ‘intelligent microbubbles’ designed to quickly detect and dissolve blood clots that cause heart attacks. 

These ‘intelligent microbubbles’ are a game-changer to medicine: they dissolve clots without using blood thinners that could cause bleeding elsewhere in the body, and ultimately they can save millions of lives.

But we need your help urgently.


Your generous gift of $100 will provide our researchers with the vital resources they need to deliver this life-saving treatment to people around the country.  The longer we wait, the more lives will be lost to heart disease, so please, donate today.


With your help, we can provide a brighter, healthier and happier future to all Australians.

Thank you for your wonderful support.