Help save young hearts - AUD $25

The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Help save young hearts

Sadly, every year the number of people who die from sudden, unexplained cardiac death exceeds that of the state road toll.


Today, approximately three people under the age of 50 will die without warning, from sudden cardiac death.  It will kill them in the prime of their lives, and leave their families stunned and broken. 


The Baker Institute is making it our mission to help fund desperately needed research into the causes and prevention of sudden cardiac death in young and middle aged people. 


Your gift will help establish the first national registry of victims of unexplained cardiac death.  This registry is the first step in addressing this heartbreaking problem.  The registry will enable the collection of vital information and data from all sudden cardiac death victims into one central location.  The data will enormously help researchers to analyse and explain what is currently inexplicable.


Please help us with a kind donation of $25 today, to help prevent this silent killer, because even one death, is one too many!