Help halve heart attacks - AUD $50

The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Help halve heart attacks

Sadly, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death, with one Australian dying every 12 minutes. Behind this is people like you and your loved ones.


Heart disease does not discriminate - the stereotype of the stressed white-collar worker having a heart attack no longer applies; heart disease affects the blue-collar worker as much as anyone else.


The team at the Baker Institute are committed to finding better ways to predict, prevent and treat heart disease – the largest cause of heart attack.


If coronary plaques that have built up in our arteries do rupture, blood clots can form causing a heart attack.


To combat this, the research team at the Baker Institute have created ‘intelligent microbubbles’ designed to quickly detect and dissolve blood clots that cause heart attack.


The benefit of this new technology will be felt most profoundly by Australians living in regional areas where there could be a big delay before arriving at a large hospital to get diagnosed; a delay that could cause irreversible damage to the brain or heart.

With Australia’s vast land, tragically one in five do not make it early enough to the hospital and heart attack is a leading cause of disability. These ‘intelligent microbubbles’ are a game-changer: they dissolve clots without using blood thinners that could cause bleeding elsewhere in the body, improve treatment, and can ultimately save lives.


Your gift today will help our leading researchers bring this life-saving treatment to thousands of Australians around the country.


With your help, we can halve all heart attacks in Australia by 2030.