The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation

The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF), established in 1999, is a registered national charity dedicated to raising language, literacy and numeracy standards in Australia.

ALNF raises funds to develop, implement and sustain six innovative programs with tangible results across remote and urban New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia and Victoria.

Our programs span from early years learning through to adolescent and adult learning needs and address the needs of a diverse range of individuals and communities, specifically targeting Indigenous, refugee and migrant communities.

ALNF believes that all Australians have the right to literacy, because being able to read and write is the key to accessing education and employment, and participating fully in society


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AUD $10

Quality Children's Book

Provide a child in a disadvantaged community with a brand new, specially selected children’s book. Read More

AUD $20

Vital Literacy Resources

Help provide disadvantaged children with specialised ALNF resources, which are expressly designed to support the development of children's foun... Read More

AUD $30

Crucial Learning Support

Provide vital extra learning support to disadvantaged preschoolers, ensuring they start school ready to learn and thrive. Read More

AUD $80

Literacy Packs

Provide a child with a Literacy Pack filled with quality school supplies such as dictionaries, calculators, colouring pencils,educational games, no... Read More

AUD $120

Mentoring Youth

Train an Indigenous mentor to provide support to primary schoolchildren. Through ALNF’s Community Action Support program,Indigenous high school stu... Read More

AUD $520

Refugee Education Support

Help provide teaching assistance to a refugee school student for six months. ALNF’s award-winning Refugee Action Support program provides effective... Read More