Help us with our vet expenses! - AUD $20

The Animal Rehoming Service Inc.

Help us with our vet expenses!

All our animals are desexed prior to adoption to ensure we don't contribute to Australia’s unwanted pet problem. All dogs and cats are vaccinated, wormed and microchipped too. Any other medical issues such as teeth cleans, hip dysplasia operations, even eye lid and eye removal surgery, are tended to prior to adoption.

If you can help us with some of these costs, we'd greatly appreciate it!

That's fourteen year old Missy, who had glaucoma when she first arrived. Her relief at having her painful, bulging eyeball removed (plus several teeth!) was palpable. She blossomed!

The tiny 4kg girl had been left in a backyard frequented by foxes. Her owners were unaware of the danger she was in. Missy had even broken teeth trying to bite her way through a cyclone fence, but still her owners didn't twig. Thankfully they finally decided to rehome her when a new baby arrived.

Missy now lives an idyllic life with Tanya and her rescue cat Biscuit!