Donate to help rescue animals like baby wombats - AUD $40

Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Donate to help rescue animals like baby wombats

The Wildlife Hospitals at Taronga and Taronga Western Plains Zoos care for over 1,500 native animals each year. These animals are often rescued & then brought to the hospitals by members of the community after being found sick, injured or orphaned. Our core aim is to rehabilitate as many native animals as possible, and ultimately, return them back to the wild.

The variety of animals treated is enormous, ranging from stranded seals & orphaned baby bats, to pelicans tangled in fishing line. All these animals need professional care and attention during their treatment and rehabilitation to ensure they have the best possible chance of being returned to their natural environment in the wild. 

We see it often, that a baby wombat will be brought into the Taronga Wildlife Hospital as an orphaned joey, their mum tragically killed by a car, and they need special care and attention before they are old enough to be released into a sanctuary or back into the wild.  

Your support will help rescue precious native animals like wombats, and release them back into the wild.