Gift A Solar Light And Change Lives - AUD $30


Gift A Solar Light And Change Lives

Gift a solar light to a child living in energy poverty! Become part of our global community by contributing towards the cost of a solar light and illuminate a future today!

Your donation will help a child living in energy poverty to continue studying after the sun goes down. The reliance of fossil fuels such as kerosene and firewood for lighting, results in devastating impacts to health and the environment. Without safe lighting at night children are unable to study and families are condemned to a life of darkness, ill health, unfulfilled futures and repeated cycles of poverty.


The good news is we know our lights are changing lives! Early stage research shows that children are study up to 78% longer once they’ve received one of our lights, improving their educational outcomes.


As a one-off gift, you would transform the life of one child, which is a powerful thing.


By giving $30 per month you would be giving one light to one child every month. And as most households in need have five family members, in one year, your gift of light would go directly to 12 children and impact 60 people. Amazing!


Our aim is to reach six million children who live in energy poverty. We will only get there with the help of light givers like you. One light. One child. One community at a time.