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Scripture Union Queensland (SU QLD)

Help more young people like Faith

Thanks to generous support of friends just like you, more than 600 chaplains are now serving in over 800 Queensland school communities. They are there providing a friendly, non-judgemental listening ear to children and young people in need – children just like Faith.

When 11-year-old Faith lost her brother Joshua, she was in desperate need of hope in her darkness of grief and loss.

In mum Jacqui’s words, Faith was Joshua’s ‘mother hen’ – his protector.


When he passed, it was as though she lost her purpose in life. She started acting out at school and getting into trouble.

But Faith’s anger and pain was met with love and compassion from her chaplain, Lauren.

“Lauren has always been an open door for Faith. When Faith was struggling with peers and teachers, Lauren was able to equip her with coping strategies and other ways of handling situations,” says Jacqui. 

“Faith was able to go to someone when she was struggling – she didn’t have to shoulder it alone.”

For mum Jacqui, she is so grateful.

“The difference I’ve seen in Faith is she’s able to use coping strategies. She knows she has someone she can trust that she can talk to.

“She’s even more open with me too, and I think that’s come from speaking with Lauren.” 

You can help ensure that children like Faith continue to receive the social, emotional and spiritual support that school chaplains provide.

There are still more than 100,000 Queensland students who don’t have access to a chaplain. With your support we can help to change that.

Thank you for your generous support and for say, “yes, I believe our children are worth it!”.