helps purchase toys to focus children during hearing tests - AUD $15

Royal Institue for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC)

helps purchase toys to focus children during hearing tests

Your support gives a young child and his or her parents the help that will last a lifetime.

Natalija’s mum and dad chose cochlear implants for their daughter. The surgery happened when she was ten months old. Her father Doug told us: “The hardest day of my life was waiting for my baby to come out of that operation.”

Our support team was there for the family then – and in the months and years afterwards.

A lot of people think that once cochlear implants are switched on, a child can hear. But it’s not that simple.

The implants meant Natalija (pictured) could register sound. But Natalija had missed out on ten months of learning what those sounds mean, and she hadn’t been able to hear her parents and brothers talking up until now. Natalija had a lot of catching up to do on


With the help of a team of experts from the Early Intervention Program, and a support plan tailored for Natalija’s specific needs, the world of hearing and verbal communication started to open up for her!

Your generous support makes all this possible for RIDBC and families that receive our services!