Every six hours, a child or young person in Australia is diagnosed with cancer. For them and their families, life is turned upside down. Cancer treatment can take months or years and parents often have to stop work to care for their sick child while dealing with the expense of living between hospital and home. In addition, long stays in hospital and prolonged treatment can disrupt school, university and work.

Redkite is a national cancer charity that, for over thirty years, has been providing essential support to children and young people (aged up to 24) with cancer and their families. Redkite’s vital support is available from hospital to home: from the devastating moment of diagnosis, throughout long treatment periods and when families return home.

Redkite's essential services include financial assistance, education and career support, support in hospitals through social workers and music therapists, and community-based support including telephone and email counselling and facilitated telegroups.

Receiving no government funding, Redkite relies entirely on the generosity of our supporters to provide these important programs and reach the thousands of families on the cancer journey who need us.

For more information please visit or call 1800 REDKITE (1800 733 548).

All funds donated through this site will be directed to Redkite's cancer journey program.


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AUD $2

Can Help Put Food On The Table

$2 a day can help put food on the table when a parent stops work to be at their child's bedside during their cancer treatment. Read More

AUD $3

Can Help Provide Counselling Services

$3 a day can help provide families with vital counselling support no matter where they are in Australia. Read More

AUD $5

Can Help Get A Child To Hospital For Tre...

$5 can help parents pay for petrol to ensure their child can get to hospital to receive cancer treatment. Many people find that a cancer diagnosis ... Read More

AUD $10

Can Help A Young Person With Cancer Stay...

$10 can help cover the cost of a phone bill so a young person with cancer can stay connected to Redkite’s support network. Redkite's support is... Read More

AUD $20

Can Help Children And Young People With ...

$20 can help end the stress and pain of cancer treatment for children and young people through Redkite Music Therapy.  Music therapy creates a... Read More

AUD $30

Can Help A Child Or Young Person Catch U...

$30 can help a child or young person with cancer receive the materials, tutoring, classroom support or developmental therapy required to make ... Read More