RSPCA WA has been a voice for animals in Western Australia for over 120 years. We defend their dignity and fight to stop cruelty. We offer shelter, education, medical attention and love. Like many of you, we are animal protectors, carers and guardians. We bring solace to the abandoned, surrendered and injured. We prosecute those who would harm them and we fight for the humane treatment of all living things. But we would cease to exist if not for the kindness and generosity of people like you.

It’s only with your support that we continue to protect and comfort animals in need - together. Thank you for your donation and for believing animals matter.


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Veterinary Procedures, Help Us Treat The...

Food, shelter, surgery, medication, diagnostic equipment, X-ray machines and supplies. It is terrible to think of the pain and suffering that some ... Read More

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Help Feed Kittens Who Are Without Their ...

Last month alone over 70 kittens have arrived at RSPCA WA all needing care 24/7 as they are without their mums.  From as young as a day old, t... Read More

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Cosy Cats And Kittens

Whether they are shy or just appreciate the cosiness, the cats and kittens in our care really do love the comfort of their very own cat igloo. ... Read More

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What Our Dogs Will Do For Treats

Treats are so important to the dogs in our care.  They help our trainers to work with the dogs on their behaviour and some basic training need... Read More

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Toys Toys Toys

Cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, sheep and other animals that come into our care may find new homes immediately, while others need months of special re... Read More

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Doggie Swim Time

With our hot Summer days already underway, the dogs in our care love nothing more than to stay cool in their very own splash pool.  They would... Read More