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Animals like Athena need your help

When Athena was rescued by the RSPCA NSW, she was dying of starvation.


When Athena was found, we couldn’t believe our eyes. She hadn’t been fed in days. Her past owner had starved her for so long that she weighed just 17 kilograms. Her knees were so weak they buckled when she tried to sit.


How could someone treat another living thing so cruelly? It’s hard to imagine poor Athena in so much pain.


Athena was taken from her owner and rushed to the RSPCA vet hospital. Her road to recovery was a long one.


Donations from the community were vital in giving her a second chance. They paid for her medication and her round-the-clock care. They also kept her warm and happy while she waited to find her forever home.


Sadly, stories like Athena’s aren’t as uncommon as you’d think. There will always be animals that need love and protection in the face of cruelty.


You can bring them hope. Please, donate today to help us bring an end to animal cruelty.

Athena is now happy, healthy and has found a forever home.


But there are many more animals just like Athena that need help.