RSPCA Australia

RSPCA Australia

The RSPCA has existed in Australia for more than 137 years and is Australia’s only truly national animal welfare organisation.

As a non-profit organisation, the RSPCA depends on the support of individuals, businesses and the community to continue its vital work. Nationally, the organisation receives less than 2% government funding.

Donations made to RSPCA Australia help provide national initiatives, such as major animal awareness campaigns, research into improved animal farming techniques and dealing with the federal government on animal welfare related issues.


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AUD $25

Happy As A Pig In Mud

Your support will make the RSPCA happy as a pig in mud by helping us get pigs out of sow stalls and into an environment where they can run, play, s... Read More

AUD $50

Help Get Hens Out Of Cages

$50 can help the RSPCA get hens out of cages by lobbying government and industry to end battery farming; through the promotion of welfare-friendly ... Read More

AUD $75

Help Us Turn The Tide

Your donation can help turn the tide on the cruel live export trade by helping the RSPCA’s campaign to end the long distance transport of Australia... Read More

AUD $200

A Fair Go For All Farm Animals

Your generous donation can help get a fair go for all farm animals by helping the RSPCA to get pigs out of sow stalls, hens out of cages and to bri... Read More