QHMR - Global Compassion International

QHMR - Global Compassion International

Missionaries of the Poor (MOP) was established in San Andres Bukid urban poor area in the Philippines in 1981.   MOP goes beyond being an orphanage, but a care centre that takes care of the homeless and abandoned elderly and children with disabilities and supports the surrounding local community with their medical and education needs.

The Centre is designed to cater 50 children with disabilities as well as 50 elderly (25 women and 25 men) in a 3 level storey building (each group has their own level) The Centre focusses on the poorest of the poor.  Those that have been abandoned and marginalized by society and are looked after by the centre for life.

The Centre does not receive any Government funding and relies solely on donations and the support of volunteers. Funds received are put towards medicines, food, soaps, clothing, bedding, transportation and basic supplies such as electricity and water.

Global Compassion are MOP’s Australian local outreach centre, 100% of funds donated will go to the MOP.



Unfortunately, this charity has not registered with us to receive donations.