Pollinate Group

Pollinate Group

Pollinate Group empowers women as leaders of change to distribute products that improve health, save time and save money.

Pollinate Group’s teams in India and Nepal identify, train and develop change agents in urban and rural communities to serve their peers who live on less than $1.50 a day. Community change agents earn respect and meaningful income, and become role models who raise awareness about better alternatives. In doing so, they provide access to products, such as solar powered lights, water filters, mosquito nets, cook stoves, pressure cookers and solar powered fans. All these products assist in improving health, providing access to clean energy, saving money, and consequently alleviating poverty for people in urban poor communities.

To make products affordable we offer cash-based payment plans to families in transient and overlooked communities. The default rate is a meagre 2%. Our customer service focus, including after sales support, is also a key differentiator to help break the cycle of poverty in the communities we serve.

In addition to impacting marginalised communities and empowering community change agents, Pollinate Group also runs global fellowship programs for students, professionals and executives to impact and inspire the next generation of social leaders. The programs provide a hands-on experience with staff, where participants learn about sustainability, poverty alleviation, and social entrepreneurship.


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