Child Sponsorship - AUD $51

Plan International Australia

Child Sponsorship

When you sponsor a child, you empower an entire community to lift themselves out of poverty.

You have the chance to help entire communities develop the skills they need to create positive change for generations through Child Sponsorship. Your monthly donations will help fund projects specific to the needs of that community, covering areas like education, food and nutrition, health, clean water, and sanitation.

When we develop projects, we involve community members from the start, ensuring we understand – and address – any challenges they face. We'll combine your monthly donation with thousands of our other child sponsors' so that communities have the best chance to overcome poverty in the long term.

See the change you are helping to make through the eyes of a child. Become a child sponsor today.


Please read- disclaimer & important notes: A regular donation amounting to at least $51 per month is required to make a meaningful impact on the lives of sponsored children and their communities. You will only be assigned a sponsored child if Plan International Australia receives your contact details. These details are important for us to have as we will send you regular updates on your sponsored child’s progress, photos and letters written to you from your sponsored child. You will also have the opportunity to write letters to your sponsored child. These updates will allow you to see your gift in action. All of these things are what make child sponsorship a rewarding experience. Where contact details are missing or you wish to remain anonymous, your regular gift will support projects around the world creating change for girls and will not specifically go towards a particular sponsorship community.

As Child Sponsorship is a regular giving program, any one off donations towards Child Sponsorship will be treated as a stand-alone cash gift to our projects supporting change for girls.