Plan International Australia

We strive for a just world for all children and equality for girls.

Put simply, we’re the charity for girls’ equality.

We tackle the root causes of poverty, support communities through crisis, campaign for gender equality, and help governments do what’s right for children and particularly for girls.

We are here to ignite the creativity, talent and ideas of girls in all their diversities. We are informed by evidence, and always learning.

We’ve been doing this for over 80 years, but we don’t do it alone. We bring people together to create change that lasts. Children, families, local communities, government, schools, businesses, and you.

We do what we do so babies can survive their first 1000 days, so children can learn in safe environments, so girls can live and work without discrimination, so young people can stand up for their rights, and so all children can break free from poverty. We view the children, families and local communities we work with as our partners and our equals.

We believe a better world is possible. An equal world; a world where all children can live happy and healthy lives, and where girls can take their rightful place as equals. This is the world you are helping us create.

A better now for her. A better future for everyone.

This is what we stand for. Will you join us?

The rights of children and young people are at the heart of everything we do. To read more about the measures we take to safeguard children, read our full child protection policy: .au/contact/child-pr otection-policy


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