Penguin Foundation

Penguin Foundation

The Penguin Foundation aims to provide a dedicated source of funding to support the little penguins of Phillip Island and its other unique flora and fauna. Conservation projects include little penguin rescue and rehabilitation in the event of a man-made disaster; building new little penguin nesting areas; monitoring little penguin health and behaviour; protecting the little penguins' natural environment; and contributing funding to the vital Phillip Island Nature Parks Wildlife Clinic on Phillip Island


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AUD $5

1 Native Plant In The Ground For Penguin...

Your donation allows for a native plant species that little penguins love to live amongst, such as Tetragonia implexicoma, to be planted in Ph... Read More

AUD $10

1Kg Of Fish To Feed Sick Or Injured Litt...

Rescued sick or injured little penguins are cared for at the Phillip Island Wildlife Clinic. Your donation of $10 will provide 1kg of their favouri... Read More

AUD $25

1 Little Penguin Nesting Box For The Pen...

When on land little penguins require burrows or nesting boxes for protection from predators, a safe place to rest and to raise their chicks. Nestin... Read More

AUD $50

1 Penguin Tracking Device For Little Pen...

Where do our little flippered friends travel when at sea and what do they do? Penguin tracking devices allow the Phillip Island Nature Parks resear... Read More

AUD $100

Medical Care For A Sick Or Injured Littl...

The Wildlife Clinic has been purpose built to care for Phillip Island's sick and injured native wildlife and is Victoria's only specialised... Read More