Connecting to Markets - Sri Lanka - AUD $2


Connecting to Markets - Sri Lanka

We are working with 105 small-scale farmers just like  to build thriving farming businesses and be able to compete in the market place – by helping them to develop new practices, technologies and access to strong financial products.

We want to support farmers to invest money each season and to protect themselves against losses by taking out insurance. By doing so, we will be providing farmers of Kanthansamy Nagar with a complete bundle of services to be competitive and successful in the market place and help them break down the barriers that keep them excluded.

While we do this, we will simultaneously improve the financial literacy of farmers so they better understand when loans are required and how to select the right financial provider. We will connect farmers with a range of providers and work with them so they can access the provider best suited to them. Accessing financial providers is essential not only for loans but also for insurance purposes. We will work with farmers to educate them on the need for insurance practices, identify the right insurance product and providers and improve the financial literacy of farmers so they can continue to select the best option for them.