Support Oxfam’s response to Coronavirus - AUD $50

Oxfam Australia

Support Oxfam’s response to Coronavirus

As the outbreak of COVID-19 reaches the most vulnerable communities across the globe the devastation could be unprecedented. For communities living in overcrowded conditions, and those without access to clean water, sanitation and healthcare support, coronavirus could be catastrophic. Unchecked, the virus could kill millions and leave half the global population in poverty.

But together, we can create a very different future. 

We are already on the ground in some of the poorest countries, like Yemen, Bangladesh, and Timor Leste. We're distributing essential supplies including personal protective equipment (PPE) and hygiene kits. We are providing emergency materials and food to households, upgrading water and sanitation systems at refugee camps and health facilities, and continuing training and awareness-raising activities.

Your support today will make a difference and help us continue our life-saving work