Donkey - AUD $150

Oxfam Australia


I know what you’re thinking: “My friend’s already got heaps of donkeys”. Never fear — these magnificent steeds are busy saving lives in an emergency and providing clean water. A kick-ass gift for those who want to make a real difference.

Donkeys are amazing friends to people living in poverty. They can carry large loads for people who need to travel long distances for food and water. They’re also extremely helpful during a disaster: when roads are destroyed they can navigate tricky terrain that vehicles cannot access, carrying life saving supplies.

“The donkey helps fetch water because before we only had a small container which couldn’t hold enough for washing or cleaning. Now we can fetch two 20 litre containers and have enough water for everything. I am very old and have to do everything for my daughter as she is disabled. I wash her and cook for her and do all the cleaning. It really helps to have the donkey as I’m getting old now.” — Reina Mugni, Inhambane village, Mozambique