Cattle Manure. - AUD $15

Oxfam Australia

Cattle Manure.

As everyone knows, there’s nothing funny about poo. And while we’re all not laughing at sending someone poo in the post, poo can get down to the very serious business of helping crops grow – ensuring food and income for families in need. Get it while it’s hot!

In Sri Lanka, Oxfam Australia are supporting poor and marginalised farmers — mainly women — with training in organic home vegetable farming and system of rice intensification (SRI) techniques. These methods of agriculture use organic manure instead of expensive agrochemicals, making it a healthier and more environmentaly-friendly alternative.

“SRI is very beneficial for our health, since it is cultivated without using pesticides. It is only cultivated through the use of organic materials ... Before, I had a difficult time, and lived on loans. But now I have something to depend on ... now, I sew about two kilos of paddy and got a yield of about 870 kilos, so that’s a big yield.” — Heen Menike, SRI farmer, Anuradapura, Sri Lanka