National Breast Cancer Foundation

2020 has been a tough year for so many people. But as well as the heartaches, there have been some triumphs. From observing Australia’s healthcare response to COVID-19, witnessing the incredible research efforts underway, as well as seeing the elevation of Australian research on the world stage.

Never has there been such a global demand for medical research as there is right now, in the rush to find new treatments, new vaccines, and reasons why the virus acts the way it does.

The scale of the response gives me so much confidence – that it is possible to achieve rapid

progress in disease prevention. A lot can be learned to help in our research efforts into breast cancer.

This devastating disease still takes the lives of eight women in Australia every day. And because breast cancer doesn’t stop, neither can we. NBCF’s mission of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030 still holds true. COVID-19 has halted supply chains to our labs for vital equipment, stopped our researchers from being able to work in close proximity, even closed some laboratories. Your continued support can help researchers stay in their field of expertise

and ensure they can continue the work they have commenced thus far. It is so important in our mission to saving lives from breast cancer.

This is why in 2020 NBCF have made two key decisions;

Firstly, to provide extensions and some extra funding to existing grants where needed to ensure the researchers working on active projects have the required amount of time in the labs to make the breakthroughs we need. Secondly, that NBCF will once again be open for grant applications this year.

Despite the circumstances, it’s vital that we continue to support the research community, and remain well set on the road to 2030. For many among us, this is a time for pause.

For NBCF it is a time for action, focus and drive. This is why we need your support, now more than ever. I know that even with all the challenges that we continue to face over this extraordinary year, together we still have the strength and resilience to stop breast cancer from taking lives.

Professor Sarah Hosking

CEO, National Breast Cancer Foundation


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